Scenic Route

The Stay Connected Project

  Since I moved to Central New Hampshire in January, I’ve been struck by the close connections between people in this area. Sure, you are characterized by Yankee bluntness compared to my Midwestern culture, but there are no pretentious attitudes in the way you relate. You work alongside each other through every season. You remember […]

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Powder Days

While living in Waterville Valley this year, I’ve realized that snow is a drug. Not every kind of snow has addictive properties. Not that heavy, wet sludge that takes three times longer to shovel, or those miniscule icy grains that blow away with the slightest breeze. No, this stuff is called “powder…”

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Ice Harvesting on Big Squam

There’s something magical about ice harvest, a pioneer practice used for refrigeration. In an era where many jobs are intangible, the camaraderie of working toward the same physical goal in uncomfortable conditions creates a warm glow on Big Squam Lake…

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Touring with the GSAs

I lifted my salt-crusted boots gingerly across the custom-weave carpet in the Mount Washington Hotel lobby, scanning the grand room for a familiar face. It didn’t take long to spot who I was searching for – a large group in forest green shirts and khaki pants clustered in front of the hotel fireplace, savoring the […]

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Hiking Log: Sandwich Mountain Trail

One thing I love about Central NH is that people regularly sacrifice life’s comforts to experience winter. I officially joined that club when at 6 a.m. on Sunday morning, I smacked my alarm and crawled out of bed, ready to begin the hike I’d been anticipating all week.

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