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Amazing April Hikes

Some people stay away from the trails due to mud season and leftover ice, which can both make hiking less fun and more treacherous.
However, my perspective is that every month is a bad time to stay inside all day. Here are a few adventures I’ve taken this April. Hopefully you too can take a day to escape the office and brave the mud!


The Basin is a natural rock formation in Lincoln, formed by water erosion. It was pouring rain the morning I went on this short hike, but I had nothing else to do that day and I couldn’t bear to keep still. I was the only one at The Basin and I felt like a drenched part of the rushing river, melting snow and pouring rain, which was an incredible sensation. It sent me racing through the woods with my raincoat flapping. Anyone passing by would have seen a soaking wet, idiotic crazy woman, but if they were close enough, the smile on my face would have told them I was completely happy. Don’t be afraid to get outside in the rain!







I hit this popular Campton hike on an early Friday, during a stint of beautiful tank-top weather. I took four hours to hike the 4.1 mile loop so I could enjoy the Ledges, relax on top of Welch for lunch with some other hikers, and admire the even higher view from Dickey before descending back below treeline. Even during the brown and muddy time of year, this remains one of my favorite hikes of all time because of its variety. There are woods, a brook, rock scrambles, broad rock faces, and most importantly, amazing views. I’m guessing the ice has melted by now, but I used my spikes on and off during the hike as there were still slippery areas going downhill.






Hiking solo is fun and convenient, but I love sharing a trek with friends. Frank, our Chamber executive director and I, along with a few of our mutual friends, went down Adams Farm Road off Exit 29. It took us a little under two hours out and back, and we jogged parts of it. It was a very enjoyable and easy hike, and it’d be a great group biking trail as well. The reward at the end was this beautiful waterfall.







I’d love to hear about your recent hiking adventures and try any suggestions you might have. New Hampshire is full of amazing trails, especially in our White Mountains. Shoot me an email at!