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Breakfast With Governor Sununu

Plymouth, NH – On May 26, Governor Chris Sununu met with approximately 25 Grafton County business owners for a business breakfast roundtable at the Enterprise Center, to discuss local challenges and possible solutions for New Hampshire business owners. Many people who are instrumental in Plymouth’s positive growth arrived to brainstorm together.

“It’s not a political gathering, it’s a business meeting to discuss opportunities and challenges,” said Frank Cocchiarella, executive director of the Central NH Chamber of Commerce, who organized the breakfast.

Since his election in January, Governor Sununu has been very involved in the area’s economic success. He has visited many out-of-state companies to persuade them to move business into New Hampshire, and he is the first New Hampshire governor in eight years to travel up to Quebec, which is the state’s biggest trade partner. “We have great fundamentals here…no sales tax, and no income tax,” he said. “There is still a lot of untapped business potential in New Hampshire.”

Thanks to community input, he is also attempting to wipe out nearly 1000 rules and regulations that interfere with statewide business procedures.

Patti Biederman, co-owner of Biederman’s Deli, brought up a major concern shared by business owners around the state: business is booming, but it’s difficult to find “workers who will work.” Biederman said, “They’ll leave if you look at them cross-eyed.” This problem resulted in shorter hours for Biederman’s Deli. Other business owners shared her concerns, but no one had a solution for this very real problem.

A few backs stiffened when Governor Sununu mentioned the Northern Pass, the familiar proposal to run 192 miles of new power lines from Canada through New Hampshire. Governor Sununu is in favor of the project because of New Hampshire’s need for renewable energy. “We need every drop in the bucket,” he said. He stated he will pursue the Northern Pass, but he is open to other equally efficient options.

Mike Ahern, owner of Glove Hollow Tree Farm, said that he supports bringing energy into New Hampshire, but he is concerned that the line will disrupt all the communities along Route 3 for years to come, creating communal losses greater than any statewide profit.

Even though not everyone at the roundtable shared the same opinions, they enjoyed networking and talking to new people after the meeting was over. Biederman’s Deli provided delicious breakfast sandwiches and beverages for the attendees.

If you’re interested in attending or organizing a networking event, go to www.centralnh.org and contact Frank Cocchiarella.
Frank Cocchiarella, Executive Director
Cell: (603) 254-6910